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Reader Input
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In response to the letter dated Sept. 12 (“Firefighters ineffective”), I want to let Mr . (Knight) Wagner know that I also served my country honorably for three years and eight months. As a retired member of the fire service (38 years total, with the last 10 years as battalion chief/fire marshal), I feel insulted by his remarks to the outstanding men and women of today’s fire service. First off, things have changed in today’s fire service. We no longer use the term “fireman.” It is archaic, inaccurate and inappropriate. Today we have both men and women who do an outstanding job as firefighters and chief officers. Several years ago Cal/OSHA mandated the “2 in 2 out” policy for structure fires, meaning that you must have two people outside, before allowing two people inside the structure to fight the fire — the exception to this rule being the rescue of people inside the structure. In my opinion, oftentimes it is wiser to keep a fire from spreading by containing it to an area or structure and letting it burn itself out and no one has to be “burned alive” as you suggest. If you want to be updated from “back in the day” I can recommend some textbooks and related material on tactics and strategy used in today’s fire service. Today’s fire service deals with more calls than in years past. We have outstanding paramedics on the engine companies and it is these professionals that may be called upon to assist you. Semper Fi. Ed Saiz, Auburn