Reader’s letter misunderstood

Reader Input
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In response to Mr. (William) Smythe’s “Reader Input” letter to the Journal on May 22: I included “disabled Americans” in my letter solely because these words are included in the text of SB 48 – not because I am uncaring or insensitive to disabled or handicapped people. I have one family member with Alzheimer’s who is cared for in a skilled nursing facility in Brockton, Mass., and another who is permanently paralyzed by a stroke here in California. Also, I don’t abide intolerance or gay-bashing, nor did I mean to offend. My letter was attempted satire – an objection to hyphenating Americans, and to our schools becoming tools of politicians with personal agendas. Nothing more was intended, but perhaps this is a good time to reexamine the role of public education, its goals and purpose: what is to be the curriculum, who is to control it and why. Bill Harder, Sr., Auburn