Reader: Baltimore Ravine not worth it

Reader Input
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I only wish I could obtain the required signatures to put the Baltimore Ravine (commercial/residential) project on the ballot. Even though homes and commercial sites in Auburn are begging for clients, they propose 725 housing units and 90,000 (square feet) commercial. Compared with the proposed Bohemia (zoned commercial), this project runs down the middle of our Vista del Valle homes. I was told some of their homes would be only 800-square-feet. I can’t verify this. What possible benefit could this development have in Auburn? Traffic will explode on Auburn-Folsom Road, far worse than Grass Valley Highway. The developer does not have to justify or reveal the source of financing in these economically depressed times. We will have snakes and wildlife in our front yards as displacement and death to animals that have no place to go. Please present your views during the public hearing at Auburn City Hall, 5 p.m. Tuesday, July 13. I think approval of this project will cost the city far more than taxes would bring in. RUTH YOUNG, Auburn