Reader blames Democrats

Reader Input
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Our illustrious imposter of a president is surely going to send the Democratic Party back to the Stone Age. The only thing Obama has accomplished in his first year of office is to divide the nation more than it has been divided over the past 60 years. Only one good thing has come of it. He has shown that the leftist Democrats are as dangerous as they truly are. Now he wants to buy more votes for the Democrats by giving the illegal immigrants in this country a reward for stealing their way into America. That reward is going to be citizenship. Can’t you Democrats see what is happening here? You are throwing away your children’s and grandchildren’s future in the toilet. We cannot continue to let this happen without drastic repercussions to our economy. Who is going to pay the taxes to support these new citizens when they start bringing the rest of their family into the United States? You Democrats don’t know anything about who supports the government. Get this into your thick heads: It is not the federal or state governments. It is private enterprise jobs! Without private sector jobs, there would be no government except one that would be a tyrannical government. If you can remember anything, remember that the government doesn’t create public sector jobs without sticking their hand in the private sector’s pockets! Thomas Mann, Auburn