Reader a closet Tea Partier

Reader Input
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For the past 15 years I was a Tea Partier but didn’t know it. I was a concerned citizen and taxpayer. I was concerned about many of the things that my government was doing to the people of this country. At time I had problems understanding what all three branches were doing. They were making decisions and passing legislation that often left me scratching my head in disbelief. During this time I wrote many letters to my “representatives,” made phone calls, e-mailed these folks, and wrote many letters to the editor. I am a retired senior citizen who has children and grandchildren, and I was, and am, very concerned about their future. The country appears to be on a path of self-destruction. I had tried many times to get friends and neighbors to voice their concerns to their “representatives,” but didn’t have much success. What the Tea Party has done is give millions of ordinary concerned citizens a way to join voices with the friends and neighbors in an effort to regain control of our government. Without this rising chorus of voices, I don’t think the people in Washington would be listening like they are now. Don Perera, Rocklin