Reader depicted Carly truthfully

Reader Input
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In response to Joyce Soares (“Carly Fiorina does it again,” Reader Input, June 22). As a former Hewlett-Packard employee of over 27 years, I just want to say Joyce, you have brought to light the true Carly that I remember when I was at HP. She lacked those character traits you mentioned. It was all about her and the power she carried.  During her time at HP, I can’t forget the employee rah-rah parties at the Shark Tank in San Jose, the purchase of Compaq, then the start of layoffs in 2001. HP lost many good employees because of those layoffs. I’m so glad that the board of directors saw what she really was about (taking the company the wrong direction) and firing her. HP was a great company when Bill (Hewlett) and Dave (Packard) were around. I had the honor to meet these men who knew how to run a company. They had compassion, integrity and valued their employees.  Really, do we want someone like Carly running for California State Senate with the track record she had at Lucent and HP? I agree, Barbara Boxer is the better of the two! DEBBIE STEELE, Auburn