Reader disavows link to ARD discord

Reader Input
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I didn’t appreciate seeing my name mentioned early in an Oct. 6 (Journal) article about inflammatory communication from (Auburn Recreation District board director) Gordon Ainsleigh. The fact that I was a recipient of a message from Mr. Ainsleigh is of no relevance to the story. The poor syntax and unclear context of my name in the sentence could confuse readers into thinking that I was the person forwarding his message to the Journal, when in fact I had no idea who or where the message was sent besides to my Facebook account. Mr. Ainsleigh initiated communication with me by commenting on my letter to the Journal supporting Chris Asbury for Auburn Recreation District board some weeks back (Reader Input, Sept. 2). I must admit that I didn’t even read Ainsleigh’s robust reply that formed the basis of the Journal’s story until today (my psychologist has limited me to just 30 minutes on Facebook per month to support my mental health and work productivity). I don’t personally know any of the people mentioned in Ainsleigh’s letter, and certainly feel his critical personal comments about community servants are inappropriate. In my numerous personal associations with the Auburn Recreation District, I am extremely impressed with their incredible service to the community. Furthermore, I believe it’s inappropriate for the Journal to highlight and feature this trash talking when we have so many other important and positive happenings in our community. I’m flattered that the Journal might consider me a prominent enough community member to throw my name into a story, but I hereby reject any association with this nonsense.  Brad Kearns, Auburn