Reader doesn’t support teacher protest

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I do not agree with the CTA (California Teachers Association) and their weeklong protest. It has been reported time and time again that the schools receive 47 percent of the General Fund; and of that money, 82 percent goes to administrative fees. Still they are requesting more money. I find this ridiculous and until that percentage drops to 50 percent for students and 50 percent administrative fees (out of the 47 percent they already receive) I will not vote for any bonds or increases in taxes. Perhaps the other people that are protesting for IHSS should be told that they should ask the CTA for money so their programs do not get cut. The same for the police and fire departments. Let them know that any monies that go to the schools is money cut from their budgets and if they do not want programs cut they need to check with CTA. I am also appalled that the Demonuts are now holding back my vehicle registration form from being sent by DMV in the hope that they can get still more money from me. What part of “temporary taxes” do these people not understand? It is the “tax and spend Demonuts” that want more, more, more. The legislature and assembly have been spending too much time on the “Kings”, the so-called “Dream Act”, that again we taxpayers do not want, instead of passing a budget. Give us an all cuts budget and stop the spending! We taxpayers should not be taxed any more than we already are. It seems that the majority now in office do not understand the words “illegal immigrants” and we taxpayers end up footing the bill. Enough! These idiots should stop their protesting and get back doing the jobs they are being paid to do. One other thing in passing; I keep hearing that a new Sacramento Arena should be “regional.” How is raising my taxes (yet again) in Placer County for an arena that is in another county going to help our county? Would Placer get a percentage of the receipts from the parking, concessions, ticket sales and all of the events held there? I didn’t think so. More stupidity from Sacramento. JENNYFER MURPHY, Auburn