Reader fleeing Golden State

Reader Input
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I was born and raised in Auburn, California. As an adult I’ve lived in two countries and three different states. Californians like to tell themselves that it is the best place in the world to live. From my experience it simply isn’t true. In general, Californians are the most apathetic and ignorant people I’ve come across. To be sure, the entire country is in poor shape, but nobody surpasses California’s moral bankruptcy. It has become the poster child of entitlement mentality. And the California state government is a reflection of this. Its bureaucracy has created a regulatory nightmare, encouraging producers to flee to greener pastures. The militarization of its police has led to combativeness over common sense. New welfare schemes are lauded as progress instead of the disasters that they are. What’s even more disheartening to me is that the people that are intelligent and good-natured enough to do something have instead chosen to cover their eyes, ears and mouths. Because of this, my wife and I are finally fleeing California. If you are a responsible and freedom-loving individual, I encourage you to leave, as well. This state is all but a lost cause. Farewell California, and good luck! Seth King, Bowman