Reader has plan to regenerate America

Reader Input
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Re: (Call to Readers, Journal, Nov. 28): If elected to office the first thing I would do is consolidate services and eliminate duplicate departments assigned to the same task ... conduct an audit of all departments and expect a written recommendation within 30 days to eliminate all waste and overpricing for product and services from vendors. If president, I would recall all military troops from foreign soil, assign them to our borders, and protect our shores and eliminate those who try to enter our country illegally. Re-write the existing tax code so that every American pays 10 percent of their annual income into the U.S. Treasury. No write-offs, no loopholes, etc. No exceptions! Raise taxes substantially on all American employers who send manufacturing overseas. Encourage by tax incentives to bring all foreign business back to the United States to create new jobs for unemployed Americans. Medical students who graduate from medical school have the option to work for three years in American communities for free and in exchange 35 percent of their college expenses are to be forgiven. Same for nurses and dentists and medical specialists. Recall President Obama’s plan for medical care and create a workable system so that all Americans can afford health care. Those inmates in jail would be required to work outdoors on public projects such as road clean-up, landscaping in parks, etc. No longer would inmates sit in a jail cell and do nothing but take from the American taxpayer. Hope my thoughts stimulate some politicians ... Dennis R. Kocher, Auburn