Reader Input: ‘Funny’ prank truly hurts

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A laughable prank to you, I’m sure, but a devastating blow for my wife and I. You drove by our car last night parked near Placer High School and threw a rock through the rear window, damaging both the outside and the inside of the car.
Yes, significant damage was done, but more than you may think. My wife and I are disabled and without retirement. Like many people, we struggle each month to make ends meet. Rent, utilities, insurance and the cost of living prohibit us from enjoying many things that I’d like to provide for my wife.
Each month is a struggle, so we ration food, trips across town, or whatever else we can. And each month I pray that nothing unusual surfaces that might get in the way of paying our monthly obligations.
But this month I owe you a debt of gratitude. You’ve given me another reason to fall to my knees and seek God. You see, this laughable prank will cost me a $500 deductible on my insurance policy, that I don’t have.
The window will stay broken and our only vehicle will remain vulnerable until God answers our prayer and I’m able to have it repaired. Although a senior and disabled, I’m the owner of a small business. But many people who need me are also financially struggling and I wind up helping them without pay. Without regret I’ll continue to do that as I can.
But you’ve created a significant problem in our lives, Mr. or Ms. Vandal. I hope if you read this you’ll realize that vandalism isn’t fun for everyone. It always costs somebody something. If you’re a “would-be” vandal, please think twice before hurting someone else with what you may feel is a funny prank. It’s not funny to the one who has to right your wrong.
In my case, I forgive you. Now if you’ll excuse me I’ve got some praying to do.
Duane Purdue, Auburn