Reader Input: $25M-plus too much for dog pound

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Placer County taxpayers are entitled to more information regarding the proposed 35,000-square-foot, $23.6 million animal shelter (“Placer supes move on new $23.6 million North Auburn animal shelter,” Journal, Feb. 6).
The Feb. 6 Auburn Journal piece correctly states the existing facility is not full. Taxpayers are now funding super-expensive prison construction because facilities are overfull.
A new animal shelter, not yet needed, should not cost over $650 per square foot. Let’s ask why.
The ground beneath the proposed shelter will not be purchased; the county already owns it.
The needs assessment has already been done. The existing animal shelter is not over full. Humanizing the issue: The $650/p.s.f. hotel is not overbooked. The needs assessment is: There is no need.
The architectural work for a new shelter needs to be done. Good. I’m all for a transparent, fully informed taxpayer review of the architectural work. Publish it soon. Let us see it.
Design criteria were also mentioned in the newspaper piece. This is an example of government program feasting on another government program at taxpayers’ expense. DeWitt is not an architectural masterpiece. The proposed facility is a dog pound. Shape it like the County Slam next door. It’s a dog pound.
Spending $25 million-plus (without a word of operating expense) is too much for any animal shelter. Dogs, cats, gender-confused dogs, cats, exotics and unicorns cannot claim that much taxpayer money.
Supervisors should throw the proposal out. Twenty-five million ballistic-activated rapid life-ending objects could be purchased for less money.
JOHN MILLER, Newcastle