Reader input: 3-D printers not science fiction

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The scientific breakthrough of 2013 and of the last few years will continue to be the 3-D printer that makes printable objects.
I’m sitting here looking at objects that were “printed”, made into physical things as easily as a printer makes a copy or prints a photo. This is not science fiction.
How about a lamp printed in nylon plastic; a bracelet printed in stainless steel; a variety of coffee cups printed in ceramic. 3-D desktop printers will create toys, household staples, replacement parts, everyday objects.
Look at any object around you - it can and will be manufactured from a desktop 3-D printer.
How are the products manufactured? A design is filed in the 3-D printer which then proceeds to lay down layer after layer of desired material on the design until the physical object is produced. Very simple really. This is the beginning of a new technological revolution where physical products are produced, as if by magic, right before your eyes.
Ron Lowe, Nevada City