Reader Input: Abortion talk dodges reality

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Pro-abortion folks invariably avoid what is obvious to thinking people: Humans procreate humans. When life begins is just a straw man to change the subject. Terminology manipulation is how they avoid the truth. The mother is a “host,” babies are now “fetuses.” A wanted “fetus” is always referred to as a “baby.”
Just try referring to your most liberal friend’s child as a fetus and see how long she will tolerate your insensitivity (no matter how many abortions she has previously had). The word “tissue” has now supplanted “fetus” since tissue is a marketable commodity in the “medical” world. The idea that “tissue” will be used to advance medical technology is balm to soothe our consciences. “There is no fear of God before their (your) eyes” Romans 3:15.
In most cases pregnancy can be mitigated by birth control: it is for convenience alone that the majority of abortions occur. Just admit it; you don’t want the inconvenience of a child, so you choose to kill it. I am not being judgmental, just stating the facts.
Does the truth sound hateful, insensitive and mean-spirited? This is also interesting to me since our culture is so enlightened that we can kill in the name of lifestyle choice; but God help the person who openly says that we kill.
“If we (you) confess our (your) sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our (your) sins, and to cleanse us (you) of all unrighteousness.” John 1:9.