Reader Input: Academy story sick, appalling

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I was appalled to see the coverage of Auburn Citizens Awareness Academy in Sunday’s Auburn Journal.
What are you thinking? We are going through this horrid demise of young children at schools and adults and the aftermath, and now this? It’s sick. After seeing the fake guns on TV, who knows the difference from a distance and what carnage could result?
Is this a hobby or a pastime of our Auburn Police Department? I believe it’s sick to think you put this in Sunday’s Journal.
Does Auburn need to encourage more shootings by people who may be mentally challenged or even mad at a group or children? Or movie goers?
Stop glorifying this evil of guns that were meant for the military, powerful and now can be purchased at gun shows for cash and no paper trail by the general public.
I’m very disappointed. It’s not news. Its glorified killing and using a shooting range for accuracy.