Reader Input: Address big gun issues

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The recent debate about gun control has had me thinking about the shootings and murders in our country.
There are a lot of them all the time and the issue just begins to be noticed about our problem when a shooting happened with a lot of young children. It must have really hurt the children’s families and friends, but this happens to people every day.
Putting more control on guns won’t take them off the street, due to the black market. We’ve seen this problem with controlled substances, such as meth, and people still get them, legally or illegally.
Guns are also a major part in protection. If you own a small business, you may have a gun with you to help yourself if you get robbed. Even just a handgun is a thing for everybody to have. You can use them for walking at nighttime, as long as you have a license.
Another problem our country has is lack of help for those who have mental disorders, who can lose control and may kill somebody. These people may carry a gun for protection on the street. So, basically, this country needs to address the big problems that are being ignored.
ELYSE ISENBERG, student, Auburn