Reader Input: Annie’s advice off-the-mark

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Annie’s Mailbox should use caution when dispensing child development advice without the proper background and knowledge (“Husband weary that his son, age 3, sleeps in parents’ bed,” Journal, Nov. 30).

They are most likely unaware of the attachment parenting philosophy, which includes co-sleeping. While differing from traditional parenting styles in western cultures, attachment parenting is grounded in research and has the support of many mainstream medical professionals, most notably Dr. William Sears.

To say that this man’s wife is “using her son as an excuse to avoid intimacy” is negligent, irresponsible and downright mean. Such advice takes a one-sided, I’m-right-you’re-wrong approach that will only serve to drive a wedge further between this couple. A better approach is to steer this man toward resources that give insight as to why his wife wants to practice co-sleeping (hint: it’s not to avoid intimacy), and then engage her in respectful dialogue about how they want to raise their son. I highly recommend the book “Becoming a Father” by William Sears, M.D.

My wife and I practice attachment parenting and it has not always been easy.

If this man just wants validation that his wife is crazy, then he should get that from his guy friends. I expect a more professional response from “Annie.”

Darrin Silver, Rocklin