Reader input: Anti-union millionaires bankroll 32

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Vote NO on Prop 32 which is entitled the “Stop Special Interest Money Now Act”. What it really should be called is the “Special Exemptions and Corporate Loopholes Act”. Here’s why: This proposal is bankrolled by anti-union millionaires. The measure seems to apply to both unions and corporations equally—but there’s a catch. The initiative is cleverly worded specifically to restrict unions and workers who give money voluntarily to politics through payroll deductions, while exempting secretive Super PACs and corporate front groups. Corporations do not gather campaign funds as unions do, so this proposition doesn’t even apply to them. It just leaves corporations and front groups alone to do what we have all seen this election cycle.... buy elections. Even though unions and the middle class are outspent 21 (or more) to 1, with your NO vote, the middle class and labor will continue to have a voice...just like corporations and the front groups do!  Vote NO on Proposition 32!

Tim Smith, Cool