Reader Input: Arm against massacres

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Dear John (Sisson, “Gun ownership? Yes, but with controls,” Reader Input, Dec. 30):
Around here, we are the “common ruck.” Remember: Tom McClintock (NRA-rated A+) won Auburn by a wide margin. Further: If you feel like you are being treated as less intelligent than the “common ruck,” look to the contents of your letter:
1. The assault weapons ban that you want reenacted had no measureable effect on crime. The states where it was newly enacted and, 10 years later, discarded, had the same crime trends as states that had it before and afterward. How dumb is that (HDIT)?
2. Those horrifying dum-dum bullets you want outlawed are actually less deadly than commonly sold hollow points that break apart on impact. HDIT?
3. Your horrifying “cop-killer” Teflon bullets have never been manufactured because there is no demand, and anyway should be called “armored-criminal killer” bullets. HDIT?
4. Microstamped firing pins don’t work on weatherproofed ammunition. The stamp wears off quickly, firing pins can be easily exchanged, criminals have “undocumented” guns, and microstamping would drive gun prices up so working poor living in crime-ridden neighborhoods who need guns badly cannot afford them. HDIT?
5. Tell me how propellant tagging can prevent or solve crimes. But it sure drives up the price of proficiency practice. HDIT?
For auto-theft problems, you make autos theft-resistant. For gun massacre problems in gun-free schools and theaters, you make them massacre resistant — that’s armed guards or concealed-gun-carrying staff.
Yes, I hear you, John. “Why make cars theft-resistant when you could just outlaw the most commonly stolen models?”
Gordon Ainsleigh, Meadow Vista