Reader Input: An attempt to ‘gut’ Measure B

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Anyone who has taken time to review the existing feasibility studies of two Newcastle building sites at the request of the Newcastle Fire District Board by MFDB Architects, Inc., who specialize in building fire stations, would appreciate that the costs to build a new fire station pursuant to Title 24 and ADA requirements, pay for competently trained firefighters to man it 24/7 and to provide for updated firefighting equipment to meet the needs for the 21st Century, requires the funding provided by Measure B passed by a two/thirds majority of the Newcastle Fire District voters, this last spring, to accomplish this goal.
Measure K is an attempt to “gut” Measure B and falls short to provide the funding to meet the future demands of the Newcastle Fire District.
The motive behind the minority dissidents who support Measure K apparently is to have a haphazard fire department, living in temporary facilities, underpaid, with equipment that is outdated and difficult to maintain, irrespective that our firefighters may have to put their lives on the line at any given time.
No fire department personnel support Measure K. Brad Harris of Cal Fire, as the designated fire marshal for Placer County, has provided ample advice as to what is essential to meet the demands of an up-to-date fire station to include personnel and equipment.
As a resident of the Newcastle community and currently serving as president of the Newcastle Community Association, I’m in opposition to Measure K.
David Mackenroth, Newcastle