Reader Input: Auburn stroll yields 900 cigarette butts

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I have read with interest the articles in the Auburn Journal about Auburn getting again a failing grade on controlling tobacco use (“Auburn, Placer tobacco efforts fail American Lung Association test,” Journal, Jan. 17.) If the price of a pack were doubled, or tripled, would that keep some from smoking?
How about banning smoking in all of our parks in the area? How about banning all smoking outdoors in our towns? Then the non-smokers don’t have to breathe your smoke when walking by.
One starts smoking with that first puff and stops with that last puff. I started smoking in the fifth grade with that first puff from a cigarette my cousin swiped from her parents. My second puff was my last puff. As a fifth-grader I learned smoking was stupid and unhealthy.
Butt! Make that butts! I can’t believe how inconsiderate smokers are when trashing their butts. How difficult is it to throw your butts into the trash cans?
One of my recent walks in Downtown was up then down Lincoln Way, then up High Street to Elm then back down to Central Square. I took with me a counter. Every time I saw a cigarette butt I pressed the counter.
In that distance my counter registered close to 900 cigarette butts (900!); on the streets, on the sidewalks, in the flower pots, at the clock tower, in the Central Square.
What is it with you smokers? Did your parents teach you to throw your cigarette butts (and other trash) just wherever you feel like it?
So come on now! Throw the butts in the trash cans after they have cooled off! Thank you.