Reader Input: Be sober when behind wheel

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Re: “One day, two DUI arrests,” (Journal, Dec. 16, 2012).
People in the U.S. do not treat themselves with respect. Without thinking they may go to a bar, get drunk with friends, and then go and drive under the influence of alcohol. I think these people should caution themselves when drinking and have someone pick them up and drive them around instead of potentially harming other drivers that are on the road.
There are those drunk drivers out there that do not learn their lesson after their first arrest for drunk driving. They continue driving under the influence and not only hurt other, innocent drivers, but also maybe in the process, hurt themselves.
John Ruffcorn, the Auburn police chief, is seeing that arrests on the same person within a 24-hour interval are happening. He said, “Hopefully people learn not to drink and drive from their first arrest, but obviously there’s some issues here if we’re arresting the same person for drunk driving twice in a row.”
Maybe if the Auburn police were to enforce the law against drunk driving much more strictly, then that might reduce the number of DUIs driving around today. The concept of less drunk drivers serves many functions. One is that it would make our community much safer than it is now, and it would serve to the person that is the drunk driver to not have to be jailed, perhaps many times.
ALEXANDER JOSE, student, Auburn