Reader Input: Beware fleas like the plague

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I have been hearing a lot about this Lyme disease while reading the newspaper in my current events class and it reminded me about another health threat in California and the rest of the West Coast. It is called the bubonic plague.
It is a disease carried by animals that have a type of small flea living on them. The flea basically hitches a ride on a small animal, makes the animal sick, and then it jumps on a human and makes the human sick.
It is a contagious disease and wiped out a third of Europe in the Middle Ages. Now it is a threat and there have been a number of people dying this past year. You can get it from outdoor camping. Yes, it can be found at campsites across California and the United States.
Tips for staying away from this disease are never touching a dead animal if you do not know if it was wild or not. Do not come close to a sickly looking animal.
Lastly, a person in California found a dead squirrel that proved positive for having the bubonic plague. Symptoms are big black swells called buboes and having body parts turning a dark purple. Please be safe this year while camping.
DIEGO ORTEGA, student, Auburn