Reader Input: Beware hearing aid sales ruse

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I recently went to one of those hearing aid centers. The test, not surprisingly, showed some hearing loss.
We were ushered into a room with a sales rep. She produced a little model of an ear with its connection to the brain and told me that if I do not get a hearing aid my brain will lose its ability to receive the signals from the ear.
She then produced a $7,000 hearing aid and told me about the financing plan and services.
We told her that we would consider it. She then said “What’s there to consider? I’ll give you a moment.” I told her that we do not make decisions like that and then went to Kaiser for a second hearing test.
The results were the same but the audiologist at Kaiser said that a hearing aid would so reduce the quality of my hearing that I am better off at this point without one. He recommended another test in a couple of years and said that if I do not lose more hearing I will be better off without a hearing aid.
The audiologist told me that some of his patients were told by hearing aid centers that if they do not buy a hearing aid the center will have to report them to the DMV and they will be unable to drive. This, in spite of the fact that deaf people can drive.
Always get a second opinion from someone whose pay does not depend on you buying.
Paul W. Comiskey, Newcastle