Reader Input: Beware the scam caller

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Yesterday I received a phone call from a person that I could not understand because she spoke too fast. What she was telling me is my phone was going to be disconnected because I was delinquent in paying my phone bill.
I stated that my phone bill is paid automatically by my MasterCard. She stated it had been rejected by the credit card company because the company was realigning the process. I informed the caller I would have to contact AT&T.
I was looking at my bill and the current month had been accepted. When I told her that, she hung up and I called AT&T to find there was nothing wrong with my bill and they were not doing any realigning of their process.
I am telling you that all of us should be aware of these strange phone calls. AT&T stated they would never make a phone call such as the one I received.
Betty Johns, Auburn