Reader Input: Biased leaders ignoring the facts cost

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I documented declining enrollment in the late ’90s in the EIR for Winchester County and Placer Hills School Board officials ignored it. They forced Winchester residents to pay $10,000 per home permit, saying they needed to build a new school in Christian Valley.
I also offered to solve the sewer problem at the schools and Applegate by oversizing and extending the sewer into Meadow Vista. Again they said no.
Several years ago they closed one school and now still report dropping enrollment. Your tax dollars just dug up over a mile of new road to oversize the sewer line they could have had for free.
The law states school fees can only be spent for the original purpose. They didn’t build the new school. There should be over $2 million in refunds ($10,000 times 200 homesites).
Where’s the money? Where’s the accountability? I didn’t vote for these people. Join me in holding them accountable at the next Placer Hills board meeting. Then at the (Placer County) board of supervisors.
Jerry Johnson, Meadow Vista