Reader Input: Big Brother gaining power

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Previously I wrote concerning the intrusion of the administration into our everyday lives, citing the absence of habeas corpus in West Germany where I lived for 12 years (“Keep an eye on U.S. government,” Reader Input, Jan. 30).
However, that is just around the corner for the U.S.
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration will soon order all passenger cars and trucks built after Sept. 2014 to have a black box, like in airplanes.
This will allow the NHTSA minions to track every movement of citizens driving these black box cars. They will monitor your speed, how many in the auto/truck, and all this will be done without Congress ever being involved.
It is frightening because the freedom of choice for Americans is disappearing fast. George Orwell’s “1984” is here. Cellphones are the ultimate tracker of Americans’ daily activities, a tool now widely used by all branches of law enforcement.
“The Obama Administration has extended the time the National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC) can collect and hold on to records on U.S. citizens and residents from 180 days to five years, even where those people have no suspected ties to terrorism” (ACLU).
Why do so many in America ignore this “Big Brother” reality? Because most have never lived under tyranny and are like the proverbial ostrich, head in sand, ignoring this constantly increasing violation of our freedoms.
Dale Smith, Auburn