Reader Input: Blame these two for school killings

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If we want to stop these mass killings, it’s time to ask where these massacres occur.
Sandy Hook Elementary School, where all firearms are prohibited; Virginia Tech, where all firearms are prohibited; Aurora, Colo., where state-licensed, concealed-carry firearms are prohibited, in a theater where all firearms are prohibited; Norway, where 69 youths in training for political leadership were killed on gun-free Utoya Island; Tucson, Ariz., at a meeting of Democrats who, as a class, favor gun control, think firearms possession is bad, and, as the killer expected, were all unarmed.
People who want to kill a lot of people go to kill and die in places where no one will be able to stop them. They go to places where no one will have a gun. The reason we have so many school killings is that (President) Clinton and his lock-step 1993-1994 legislature made schools “gun-free zones” where killers know that no one will be shooting back at them.
It’s time to lay responsibility for these school killings where it belongs: at the feet of Clinton and (Dianne) Feinstein, and all their 1994 legislator allies who voted to make all the schools in America “safe-kill zones” for murderers.
Gordon Ainsleigh, Meadow Vista