Reader Input: Blessed with gifts that keep on giving

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I had no intention of living in the Auburn area when I left Truckee during a snowstorm on Dec. 6, 1993. I really didn’t know where I was headed.
But through the grace of God I stopped in Auburn and began a new life that day.
I have been given a gift of fellowship through both AA and NA and also the gift of sobriety. Thank you all in both fellowships who continue to support those who still suffer.
I have been given gifts through my past employment with Eisley Nursery and Gottschalks. The gift of friendships and associations with some of Auburn community’s best. Thank you for giving me many special moments through the years.
I have been given the gift of community, folks from various shops, stores and businesses who take a moment to say hello and how are you. Thank you for welcoming me into your shops, stores and businesses.
I have been giving the gift of fulfilling my passion to write and be published in the Auburn Journal. Thank you to the staff of the Auburn Journal and the online bloggers for allowing me to share my thoughts, feelings and opinions.
May you all be blessed with gifts that keep on giving not only during this holiday season but into 2013. Peace be upon you all!
Cherie Holm, Meadow Vista