Reader Input: Build jumps, skate parks

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We need more skate parks in town, because we have nowhere to go so we’re not allowed to go. We get yelled at or get in trouble where we ride.

We used to have these jumps called the ARD jumps but that area was plowed over and doesn’t exist anymore. Please help us out and build jumps or some more skate parks.

We also need an indoor skate park in Auburn more than anything so we can ride while it’s raining without our bikes rusting and us getting wet. The community could just make the Auburn skate park bigger and put a roof on it.

Everyone in our town or community should vote because a lot of people get mad where we ride and then the bikers and skaters also need more areas to use.

So, please, just give us bikers a chance, or you can let us ride anywhere if we are very respectful and we don’t vandalize or draw graffiti.

We promise.

JOEY KAUFMANN, student, Auburn