Reader Input: Build pool and they will swim

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Many people in Auburn enjoy swimming; this is why we have the Auburn Recreation District public pool.
The ARD pool is great for its purpose, but sometimes I think it would be a solution to several problems in our town if maybe we had another public pool. It would more than likely raise profit for our recreation and raise user satisfaction, thus bringing in more profit.
On busy days, the pool gets extremely crowded, which ends up usually driving people away. This could be changed if there was another public pool.
More people would be happier with service, and more might start coming to them.
This overcrowding could also cause safety issues. Lifeguards may have a lot of trouble keeping an eye on everyone around them, and they might not be able to tell if someone needs help. With another pool it would be less crowded, making it easier for them to see everything.
Most importantly, it may be hard for some people to reach the ARD pool, but if we were to have two pools on different sides of town, more people could reach them. I had a problem personally because it ended up being too much to pay in gas. With another pool more people would go to it.
Overall, I think making a new public pool would be helpful for more than just users. I believe it would be a practical solution to Auburn’s water sport-related issues.
CHESSAH FOX, student, Auburn