Reader Input: Californians not buying failed ideas

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I was puzzled by the story you ran Jan. 23 about professional golfer Phil Mickelson’s comment that he might move from California due to higher tax rates on wealthy people such as himself.  
The headline was “State lawmakers split on golfer’s tax comment.” Yet only Republican lawmakers’ comments were quoted. No quotes from Democratic legislators were included. Is this the Journal’s version of “fair and balanced” reporting?
Because voters passed Proposition 30 (over these same Republicans’ vehement opposition) California has virtually eliminated the budget deficit and is no longer bleeding red ink.
Wait a minute, I thought Republicans were against deficits. Didn’t they warn us that the state “doesn’t have a revenue problem, it has a spending problem?” Yet, by asking the wealthy to pay only a few extra dollars and increasing the sales tax by a tiny fraction of a percent, whoosh, deficit gone.
Republicans are a dwindling minority because they just keep pitching us the same failed ideas.  Thankfully, California voters are no longer buying it.
Paul Berger, Auburn