Reader Input: Can district transcend ‘bottom line’?

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I read with dismay in the Sunday Auburn Journal, (Placer Union High School District) Superintendent Dave Horsey’s decision and recommendation to cut training for the developmentally delayed adults from the school’s curriculum effective June 30 (“Program for adults with disabilities getting axed,” Journal, Feb. 17).
I do not know this man, but obviously he has no compassion for those other than the bottom line.
Developmentally delayed children/adults do not choose their life, nor do their parents. I have seen, first-hand, the impact they have made in programs through “Training for Developmentally Delayed Adults” in our community.
I know this letter will have no impact on the Placer Union High School Board of Trustees or Dave Horsey’s decision.
However, shame on you all.
Kathy Vieira Hall, Cool