Reader Input: Cartoon in bad taste, paper too liberal

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I have to take exception to another liberal cartoon, in such bad taste, by Rob Rogers dated Nov. 13.

He and our donkey, dictator president should thank their lucky stars and also a huge amount of G.O.P white males and others that gave their lives in Europe and the Pacific to give them the freedom to draw their liberal cartoons and allow our dictator president to walk all over the Constitution, circumvent the Congress and lie many times to the American people.

He bought the congressional votes he needed to pass his health care bill that 73 percent of the people did not want.

He should have been impeached and put in jail for buying congressional votes in Iowa alone.  

It also gave our dictator president his time when he was in going to college to read about anarchist ways of dictatorships.

The Congressional Budget Office estimated that he added $6 trillion to our debt. He will add another $6 trillion to the debt in his second term.

The three uncles I lost in WWII would turn over in their graves if they knew by winning the war and giving their lives it would give these liberal bozos a chance to wreak havoc on our nation.

This paper, that I have read for 48 years, has turned from a middle-of-the-road paper to much too liberal for my taste.

I will be considering renewing my subscription when it is up in December.

DON J. GREER, Colfax