Reader input: Champlin not proven guilty

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Please print some truth to D’Arsi Smith Champlin’s articles “Judge denies motion to dismiss Champlin’s charges” (Journal, Jan. 11).
D’Arsi is not guilty. She has not been proven guilty, she has never been accused by the victim. As a matter of fact, the victim had no idea that D’Arsi would be charged with anything nor did the victim want that.
Roseville mother Denise McGrather-Wilder was ultimately given a $500,000 bail schedule for poisoning her child, torturing her child living with her father who was arrested for child pornography, and in the end killing her child.
How is it that others such as D’Arsi Smith Champlin, a mother of two beautiful girls, a loving and giving Christian and friend to all, can be held on bail of $655,000 based on a DA’s political agenda, with no direct evidence and an assumed level of knowledge of what her estranged husband was up to?
Is our system still based on “innocent until proven guilty,” or in fact is the opposite true in her case?  What is happening to the state of love and marriage, lady liberty and justice in D’Arsi’s case?
Are we all to be assumed guilty if we marry someone who does not live up?
D’Arsi trusted her husband, she also accepted gifts that she thought were out of the goodness of his heart like her wedding ring — that is what D’Arsi is guilty of.
There is no proof of D’Arsi knowing any of her husband’s private financial responsibilities. D’Arsi has never been accused by the victim, she is guilty only by association. Can you please print these facts? Thank you thank you thank you. Please!
Karri R. Weiler, Auburn