Reader Input: County transit workers among finest

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On one of these chilly afternoons, as you board a Placer County Transit bus, we want you to know a little about the heart of the driver. Our entire family is immensely grateful to that driver’s kind and selfless donation to a little 7-year-old-boy fighting cancer.
Let’s be honest. Times are tough for most. It takes special people to make a collective contribution, especially so close to the holidays.
Acting as individuals, all of the drivers and their administrative team gave their time and money to make our son’s fight a bit easier to endure. We firmly believe that his healing and our coping are delicately balanced on the tip of the support we have received through family, friends and community.
The Placer County Transit family is taking care of our community by safely and reliably transporting its citizens daily.  The next time you board a bus, or pass a driver on the road, could you pay it forward by smiling back or making a kind greeting?
Humanity and cheer is what we want to give back to the Placer County Transit family for taking care of our family, too.
My husband and I are very grateful to Placer County Transit for not letting anyone in the Krasner family fight this battle alone.
Jason and Kelly Krasner, Rocklin