Reader Input: Cure us of Tom McClintock

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Having attended a sufficient number of (Rep. Tom) McClintock’s right-wingnut love fests to no longer be upset at his surprisingly slim familiarity with the truth or facts, I am nevertheless surprised by his constantly reaffirming his lack of both knowledge and understanding.
To wit:
The top 1 percent earns considerably more than 17 percent of all income. That aside, I would think that a representative of the people might demonstrate at least some concern that so many millions of people don’t earn enough to pay income taxes.
The top wage-earners are not job creators, any more than he is.
As a small businessman myself, I would be quite content with having to pay taxes on $200,000 in profits. Small businesses should be so lucky.
Finally, the austerity programs that he assumes will get us out of a ditch are a complete fallacy. Never in the history of civilization has this ever happened, something he must certainly have learned as a student at almost tuition-free UCLA. Tom has only to look at Europe, particularly England, Spain and Greece, to see where austerity measures lead.
I’ve heard we enjoy the representatives we deserve . I hope it’s a curable affliction.
Ed Scotten, Colfax