Reader Input: Death of talented man deeply felt

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I am writing with respect to the Auburn Journal article reporting on the apparent murder of Auburn resident Matt Steele in Placerville yesterday (“Auburn man dead after stabbing, Placerville man faces murder charge,” Journal online, Jan. 17).
Although I am 63 years old and Matt was only 20, I considered him my friend. He went to school with my twin boys, Gordon and Kyle Sproul, and was frequently a guest at our home.
Matt was not an angel or a “perfect kid” but he was a wonderful human being. He was funny, upbeat and a talented guitar player.
He had a difficult family situation and often told me that I was like a second father to him.
Matt also had a troubled side, but he was one of those kids that was at a fork in the road in life and could have gone either way.
I choose to remember the good path and the smiling face and the warm hug that greeted me whenever we met.
I wept when I read the story of his death in your paper and so did my sons who were his friends.
Curtis C. Sproul, Newcastle