Reader Input: Devoutly do we invade

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The religious right claims we’ve deteriorated as a result of deviation from our “Christian” heritage. At the same time they say we are a “Christian” nation. Contradictory? Maybe not.
Apparently, it was very “Christian” of us to destroy African-American families through centuries of slavery and racism; great brotherly love in the genocide of native peoples and the thievery of their territory; profound mercy to deny the vote to and subjugate and discriminate against women; such compassion in forcing children to work 60 hours a week in dank factories.
Today we piously go into debt to fund the largest military machine and weapons stash in all human history.
We devoutly invade countries thousands of miles away to “defend” ourselves and keep the oil flowing.
We make a sacred effort to pollute the environment, worship materialism (especially at “Christ”mas), and spread the gospel of weakly regulated gun ownership so we can blow the kids away to the Promised Land while they try to get an education.
Maybe they’re right … we are and always have been a “Christian” nation. And maybe that’s the problem … unless you define Christianity to be the example of Christ rather than the self-righteous, incoherent babblings of the religious right.
Jim Beall, Sr., Loomis