Reader Input: Disconnect led to shootings

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All these shootings are symptoms of a very sick society. We are deathly ill from within. Our illness is culturally and socially contagious and fatal.
You can’t see it from the outside, because it is hidden within the mindset of a disturbed psyche.
It festers from within, this unbalanced mentality, until it explodes in violence, against innocence.
An uncontrollable anger, directed at one another for no justifiable reason. This inner frustration is caused by a social disconnection we choose to have with one another. It is a misguided lack of concern for the individual well-being.
We have separated ourselves from each other, so as to deny the welfare of us all as a whole society — together.
This rejection of each other, as victims of apathy, results in a mental dysfunction where the only cure is genuine care and concern for the lost soul.