Reader Input: Does US mirror 1958 China?

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Could it be that we are taking the “Great Leap Forward” as did China in the year 1958?
During China’s Great Leap Forward campaign, massive amounts of money/investments poured into society and government programs.
(Chairman) Mao believed that the progress China had made lead to a privileged class and that these people were acquiring too much wealth!
How many times have we heard “the rich do not pay their fair share?”
Mao’s Red Guards encouraged all the youth in China to criticize those who he deemed untrustworthy with regards to the direction “he” wanted China to take.
The Obama Red Guard, the Liberal Main Stream Media repeatedly tells us that the Republicans, the Tea Party, the NRA and conservative talk radio are all fringe groups that are enemies of the people.
Mao deliberately set out to create a cult for himself and to purge the Chinese Communist Party of anyone who did not fully support Mao. In Mao’s case, “purge” means murder.
See any similarities in the growth of government regulators restricting our liberties?
Once guns were confiscated and people were disarmed, between 1966-1976, over 50 million civilians were rounded up and executed in Mao’s “Cultural Revolution”.
Do great minds think alike? Sure looks that way to me!
John T. Nightingale, Auburn