Reader Input: Don’t be too trusting of government

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When the Weimar Republic collapsed trying to print its way out of debt, resulting in their money becoming worthless, there was rioting in the streets. Hitler said, “we must have law and order,” and was elected. He soon required all guns to be registered and eventually confiscated. Those who “lost” their guns were summarily shot. He then killed six million helpless Jews, Poles and others.
Stalin thought that was a great idea. He disarmed and killed about 25 million helpless men, women and children, followed by Mao, who butchered another 30 million or so.
Folks, we must seriously consider how much we wish to trust our government and its officials. There can be terrible consequences to disarming the people because it is a de facto transfer of absolute power. Lord Acton noted that power corrupts and that absolute power corrupts absolutely. George Santayana observed that those who do not learn the lessons of the past are damned to repeat them. They’re both right. History is replete with governments murdering their own people, even today.
It is tragic that our children are threatened in our schools. But it’s naive to ignore the consequences of disarming the people, because to walk into that trap is to walk into hell! We simply must not go down that slippery slope. To do so is to defy the lessons of history.
FRED COLBURN, Meadow Vista