Reader Input: Don’t become a McCarthyite

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Enough has been said about the 2nd Amendment and the attendant self promoting fear mongering spread by the NRA. Now, let’s address the socialism charge aimed at the administration and its health care program. Please understand what socialism is (ownership of the means of production) which needs a command economy to flourish.
Health care is currently very expensive with no end in sight and is a requirement that needs to be addressed. To label everyone a slacker, lazy or worse is “head in the sand” BS. This “one step forward, two step back” philosophy of governance is the real threat to our political and economic independence. We are a free market, capitalist country, and not even close to a socialist model.
Please don’t become a McCarthyite looking for a communist/socialist behind every rock. There’s a reason that President Obama won reelection by a substantial margin. You may not agree with everything he does or has done, but get off the name calling and whining.
Geary C. Tiffany, Auburn