Reader Input: Don’t cave to bullying; keep sequester

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President Obama shutters the White House to the public, puts border patrol agents on unpaid leave and deprives our servicemen of tuition assistance, claiming a 2 percent cut in spending leaves him no choice.
At the same time, he takes lavish vacations and gives millions of dollars in foreign aid to hostile governments like Egypt and Pakistan.
Both political parties agreed on the 2 percent sequester cuts over a year ago, and both sides had enough time to figure out how to make those cuts as painless as possible. Instead, they squandered their time just like they’ve wasted our money, and now have the audacity to tell our soldiers they can’t go to college.
Next, they add injury to insult by continuing to fund Obamacare, a law that has never had the support of Americans. It’s unacceptable to furlough border patrol agents while funding government intrusion into our healthcare. Congress should refuse to fund any part of Obamacare going forward.
The Senate has failed to pass a budget for over four years now; instead they pass continuing resolutions that resemble giant payday loans.
Another continuing resolution is coming up soon and Harry Reid’s Democratic Senate wants to end the sequester cuts. It’s important that America demand to keep the sequester, because political scare tactics and bullying shouldn’t win the day.
Most politicians in D.C. don’t want the party to stop. Vote after vote, they show us whose side they are on. If they won’t follow their own solution to overspending, we’ll know what team they play for – theirs.
Sonja L. Cupler, Loomis