Reader input: Don’t let greed ruin the US

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Most all of us fall into the category of some form of greed. That is just part of our nature. Anybody from the richest to the poorest can be guilty of greed. In a capitalistic system there will always be a certain amount of greed; we all have to make a living, as long as we do it with integrity.
You want your business experience to be a positive one so people will come back. It becomes a problem when the greed becomes excessive, and people are intentionally hurt. Then greed has gone too far.
Most people who have made millions or even billions, I believe are not excessively greedy. But unfortunately, there are those who are.
Many politicians also fall into that category. Excessive greed will eventually turn to corruption, and many a civilization has crumbled as a result. The Soviet Union is just one great example of that. Many other nations around the world are struggling with that same issue.
The United States could be headed in that direction if we don’t get our act together. Red flags are popping up all over the place and that is not good. We are, little by little, letting our moral compass slip away. We are losing our faith in God, and without God, we are ultimately in trouble. I believe that is the root of our problem.
Someone once said if you do not learn the lessons from the past, you are doomed to repeat them. The word of God is powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword (Hebrews 4:12)   
Richard Lutzoff, Auburn