Reader input: Dump the blame game players

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What this country sorely needs is (drum roll) a two-party system — a true, authentic two-party system. Where are the true leaders of the Republican Party — the intelligent Republicans (they’re out there somewhere) who apparently have been kidnapped and herded into the extreme far right dark corners of the room and have been cowed to mediocrity.
Antics of the party of Lincoln this last decade have driven me more to the left but I hope the likes of Jeb Bush, Bobby Jindal, and others, get more involved to pull it, kicking and screaming, slowly to a moderate left direction, the only direction remaining.
We need some constructive checks and balances, not just obstruction simply to brand the other party as failures (are you listening Democrats?).
Politicians of all stripes not willing to sit down and seriously talk out the issues should be unceremoniously booted.
Focusing on the negative, the simplistic blame game, is getting very tiresome. The electorate has a choice and we can do better all around. Over and out.
Kent Campbell, Auburn