Reader Input: Dust off your Easter bonnets

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It is sad that Ms. (Cherie) Holm does not want to celebrate Easter with other Christians because of Easter eggs (“Easter paganism hardly Christian,” Reader Input, March 13).
Christian missionaries have always taken the symbols and celebrations they find in a culture and “baptized” them by drawing out their Christian meaning.
St. Paul, in the Acts of the Apostles, told the Athenians that Jesus was the unknown God that they worshipped because he had seen a shrine dedicated to the unknown god in the market place.
Christians did not celebrate Christmas until the third century. They had no idea when Jesus was born. They placed the feast at the time of the year when the days were shortest but getting longer to celebrate that Christ is the light of the world.
Christmas, no doubt, replaced some pagan feasts. St. Paul described it as he goes in their door and they come out his door.
So, Dear Ms. Holm, go to church on Easter wearing your most colorful dress and biggest bonnet with flowers and birds on it and celebrate the Easter eggs and bunny rabbits and all the wonderful traditions we have developed to celebrate Easter.
Paul W. Comiskey, Newcastle