Reader Input: Editor should probe further

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Regarding the Feb. 1 editorial (“Our View: Citizen awareness, board transparency key for Newcastle”), when the editor says that the Newcastle Fire Station is in a “decrepit state,” is the editor describing the structural integrity of the building or just an opinion of the cosmetic appearance?
There is a big difference. Condemnation and building condition statements made by previous board members and seemingly reported without investigation by the Auburn Journal led Newcastle residents to believe the fire station was made of brick and mortar instead of being wood framed with a brick-and-mortar facade.
Loose mortar on a facade is a cosmetic repair, not a structural repair. Had the editor questioned the construction engineer before writing the editorial, she could have answered her own question and been able to make the readership aware of why a $300 temporary fix was all that was needed to allow use of the building.
It is much easier to structurally repair a wood framed building than a brick and mortar building. To date, the new board members are to be commended for approaching the inspection and repair of the building in an educated, intelligent and cost-effective manner.
MARK FOLEY, Newcastle