Reader input: Enable ‘Find my iPhone’ app

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Last summer I went to Tahoe Keys for a girls’ weekend.
Before heading out to go SUP boarding, I called my husband and left a message that I had misplaced my phone, and if he needs to get ahold of me to call my friend’s phone.
Meanwhile, my husband uses the “Find My iPhone” feature and calls to tell me my phone is somewhere near the “Y”.
We go to Raley’s where I had been earlier. I call my husband and tell him we cannot find it. He says, it is now in Meyers, and it is now red which means it is about to die. He gives me the address of a casual dining restaurant.
Six of us enter together. My friend announces to all, “We lost a purple iPhone. Has anyone seen it?”
The man behind the counter says no. She further announces, “That’s odd, because it has been tracked here.”
I tell another friend to call my phone, and a woman behind the counter pulls my vibrating phone from her pocket and asks, “Is this your phone?” “Yes.” She tells me that her son found it on a bike ride and she has been trying to call me. Knowing that this makes no sense, I simply take my phone and say thank you, and we leave incredibly amazed about what just occurred.
I highly recommend all iPhone users to enable this feature, which also allows you to remotely wipe all your data which can be restored when found.
I now have as my locked screensaver my name and husband’s phone number to call in case of an emergency or if found.
I recently finished listening to Steve Jobs’ book, and I am most certain he would be grinning with pride!
Teresa Kenworthy, Auburn