Reader Input: Farm/ag operators want it both ways

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Some ag/farm operators are asking to change their ag/farmlands to allow “community center” uses. They claim they need to hold events, up to 365 days per year, with no set limits for hours or types of events — weddings, autoramas, motor bike races, etc. — to make money.
On one hand, these ag/farm applicants already enjoy many benefits given only to ag/farm owners (no building permits for certain structures, fee waivers, etc.), but on the other hand, they claim they are struggling businesses with a right to make money.
They may want it both ways, but the only right they have is to grow crops or raise livestock and make profits by selling in appropriate markets.
They should never have rights to turn grape growing into wineries, turn hops into beer bars, or turn ranches into fast-food hamburger joints.
By changing the land use, they are no longer legitimate agriculture, yet they are playing that card for all it’s worth.
Placer County officials have refused to establish limits of these private event centers on rural ag/farm zoned lands.
Contact them and demand that they not approve these horrific land use entitlements that may help a few but bring pain to many.
Randall Cleveland, Newcastle